Less Is Not More

There’s a line (not that fine) between too much and too little info in an infographic. This one was clearly led by the designer, who typically dislike words. While it is nice and clean, does it really tell us anything interesting about what the buzz was at CES?

Posted by Philip Emmanuele, January 2013

Auto Insurance

Obviously, a law firm infographic with an agenda. While I left the industry a while ago, there are some pretty clear inaccuracies:

1) State Farm has 2X the US auto insurance market share of Allstate
2) Allstate’s gross profit in 2011 was about $9BB (essentially flat with 2010 and 2009), with net income around $800MM. NOT $31.5BB
2) Insurance agents actually like to get their customers the highest payout possible. That’s why insurers leave that job to Adjusters, not agents.


Posted by Philip Emmanuele, January 2013