“Hello Chef…I Mean City, of the Future!” #infographic

This feels like it could have been created in the 1950’s. Basic problem is I doubt we will be building new cities, and retrofitting the current ones takes agreement on resource allocation rarely seen in this world.

What Will The City Of The Future Look Like? [Infographic]

(5 points to those who get the allusion in the headline)

Posted by Philip Emmanuele, June 2014

Customer Service: New Agreement Between Customers and Businesses? #infographic

Here’s a rare example of a convergence of interests between an organization and its customers. Customers increasingly want service from a social channel (beats waiting on a phone line to talk with someone with very few clues), and organizations want to save money on call centers.

Social Customer Care Infographic by Five9
Social Customer Care Infographic presented by Five9

Posted by Philip Emmanuele, June 2014

No Substitute For Face to Face Interaction

This infographic has a very interesting, different visual style as well as a clearly presented, intuitive point. Face to face interactions allow us to maximize information gathering and sharing, on all levels (rational and emotional).

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Posted by Philip Emmanuele, June 2014