Some Social Security Facts

Got my annual Social Security statement last week, and paid more attention than in years past. Here is a series of inforgraphics from Face The Facts USA on who pays, who gets, and what would happen without out, Social Security Benefits:

First, we all know that the number of people paying has dwindled relative to the number of recipients.

Next, almost 1/6th of our population receive benefits.  25% of recipients rely on Social Security for >90% of income.  66% for >50% 0f income.

Finally, Social Security benefits keep 35% of seniors from living in poverty.

Posted by Philip Emmanuele, October 2012

Browser Wars: 2 Infographics

This infographic reminded me that I once tried Opera, but I can’t remember my impression. So downloading now to try again 🙂

I do think the designers could have tried to match logo colors a little more closely, especially since they chose to leave out the browsers’ names entirely.

Here’s another I found that boils it down to visitors to a specific site….the Chicago Tribune. % distribution pretty consistent with infographic above, with the exception of a higher incidence of Safari usage.

Browser Usage on Chicago Tribune


Posted by Philip Emmanuele, October 2012