Why Science Is Important and Why We Lag

The current way we teach science, in the words of 4 very bright kids of mostly different ages I know well, is “boring.”

It was similar when I was in school. Can’t understand why, given that scientific discovery can be so engrossing. I believe it is boring because we are teaching kids how to remember hundreds of facts, instead of the scientific process.

Posted by Philip Emmanuele, April 2013

Reasons to Live in Austin

When I was still in college, I visited Austin with some roommates. We stayed with a cousin of one of my roommates. This cousin was proud of the fact that Austin was so libertarian it had no building codes. “Why, someone could build a skyscraper right next to this house.”

He was so enthusiastic I didn’t ask him why that was such a good idea.

Posted by Philip Emmanuele, April 2013